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New Release and Fixes

We have a new release coming in a few minutes, which will address a number of gameplay problems that have been exposed in the last month or so.

You are now vulnerable when warping through wormholes (during the warp animation), and a 1-minute timer now exists to prevent you from going through the same wormhole within 60 seconds of having used it (you can still jump elsewhere, or use other wormholes).

Jumping between sectors now functions much like jumping through a wormhole. It requires full energy to jump, and uses a different effect (temporarily, it uses the wormhole effect, until a new one is made) and you are vulnerable while jumping. This is intended as a "base level" fix to address ease of "running", if more is needed on top of this, (timers, etc) so be it, but this was a very simplistic and logical way of addressing the problem which already fits with the existing gameplay.

Newbies no longer incur a special XP loss if they are killed. However, other ways of protecting them are being cooked up (Suggestions on this are welcome, as always) that will hopefully provide the desired effect without being exploitable like the current system. I'll post about that to Suggestions next week, when I'm more certain of what I want to do.

The No-Fire-Zone bug, where an attacker could manage to only temporarily lose standing, has been addressed.


These changes will be present as soon as the new release rolls out tonight. We will continue to work to correct gameplay flaws next week, and I will post further about that to the Suggestions forum. If you have any thoughts about these changes, or further changes, please post there. Thanks much, and we hope you enjoy the game.