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New NPCs

Everything's working pretty well. We fixed a bunch of bugs tonight (thanks everyone who's been helping us bug-hunt on the Test server), but things still aren't quite working properly. We were going to release tonight, but it's getting late and we're all rather tired, and we'd rather release when we're fresh and able to deal with exciting brokenness that might erupt when we put all these major changes into production.

So, you can expect a server-only release tomorrow (no client, no real update). Barring some big unforseen bug appearing. So, yes, release Thursday, for now.. sleep.

People are more than welcome to continue messing around on the Test server (prepend your login with "test:", ie "test:Incarnate" sans quotes, logs me into the test server). Recent signups will be unable to use it, as it has an old image of the user database (a few months old), but we'll update that before we put anything else interesting on there. We Promise. For now though, we're just focusing on getting the release done tomorrow.

Thanks again for your patience, we hope you're all as excited about the new additions as we are :). The universe is actually starting to become an active place..