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New Test Client

Here's the new Vendetta Test Client. As always, test it at your own risk. Please report any problems via the messageboard (there'll be a new Beta3 thread). Again, do not expect a lot of "improvement" type changes, we've mostly focused on fixing bugs and crashes. This does have some minor graphical changes to the black asteroids.

New ports:

MacOS X PPC/Intel fat binary. If anyone has an Intel mac, please test this and let us know if it runs. The PPC side has been tested down as far as a G3 on OS 10.2.8.

Linux / AMD64. This is the first Beta build of the new client to include a Linux/AMD64 binary.

Other changes:

* chat errors are fixed
* fixed mission timers
* fixed bug with chat text not scrolled all the way down by default
* removed "Error! trying to remove object" msgs
* fixed lua error when mission removes item from your inventory when you enter a station
* fixed mac crash on startup. related to automatic mipmap generation and texture compression used at the same time
* fixed Warthog damage indicator
* guild tags show up in target info area of HUD and Character Info menu
* fixed /duel command
* fixed /group command
* fixed /vote mute "charname" command
* fixed bar chat so chat is colored by nation of player who wrote the chat
* fixed crashes with scanner effect
* pressing 'Max' when purchasing addons now calculates how many empty slots of that type are available and defaults to 1 if none are available
* fixed lua error in GetPlayerDistance when leaving/entering a sector
* fixed newlines at the end of some messages
* made background behind news and mission text a little darker
* fixed problem with seeing extra red warning lights floating in space and cargo orbs not disappearing
* ship masses are rounded when displayed in HUD
* added purchase and sell confirmation text in the chat window
* speed indicator text is no longer clipped when speed is > 199 m/s
* fixed error when purchasing preset that doesn't exist in local station
* 3d selection box around objects renders properly
* Hide Station in Menu setting is now used
* The Valkyrie leadoff indicator is fixed. If not fixed, re-setup weapon group 1.
* "%player% is having issues." msg has returned.
* cargo should display 'cargo' in target info
* Jettison All button has 'a' as its hotkey
* lua error window is never too small now
* pressing Esc in station/nav chat unfocuses the chat editbox


Download the new test client: