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In the Works

Just a brief news update. We're still bugfixing away on the new client, please keep those reports coming. Hopefully if we get a lot of the bugs fixed earlier this week, we can even add a little functionality, but we'll see how it goes.

Michael's various missions are pretty nifty, but still in need of some testing. We checked them out last week and decided to delay release there a little, while we looked into a few issues. Hopefully we'll push them into production this week.. but no promises on that. A significant server update would have to happen at the same time, which is not a bad thing at all, but it may involve some amount of breakage (as major server updates often do, to one extent or another) which will sap Andy's time from working on the..

..Mission Editor, which is also going well. He has the interface code about 90% done, but there's still functionality that needs to be added. He hopes to have the whole thing functional this week, and then we'll be able to move him on to bigger and brighter tasks.

I'm continuing to work on some graphics here and there, and taking a look at things like.. in-game fonts and such. Various client related tweaking, plus my regular day-to-day (if there is such a thing? My job is somewhat unpredictable). Luis has completed another ship, and is interested in working on some new hive bots, although I'll probably have him focus on a couple of other things first.

That's about it, just a brief heads-up. Look for a new Test client on Friday again. Maybe this one will actually be bug-free? Who knows.. we're getting close!