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Beta 5 Client Now Available

The new client is live, with a number of new features and fixes. You can peruse the changelog, but some of the big features.. we now have much better font/resolution scalability, for those who like to run at high-res. The fonts themselves still need work, but at least there's some UI scalability now. There's a totally redone "character creation" process, which still lacks some graphics and work. The crash affecting some G4 mac users has been fixed.. albeit by disabling ARB_vertex_buffer_object (which may result in a performance loss on higher-end systems that support it.. but we do still support Apple's platform-specific vertex buffer extension). It's unfortunate that the ARB-standard extension seems to result in a crash. Anyway.. lots of other stuff. Please feel free to test it (at your own risk, as usual) and report any bugs via the messageboard.

ALSO: Please try running the client without copying over your old wgaf.cfg or config.ini. We spent some time redoing the graphics settings auto-config, and I'd like to get some feedback on how well it works. It should be a better balance of "nice looking" and speed now.. especially for 64MB cards, where it previously texture thrashed badly. Auto-config only works on Windows and Mac, as Linux OpenGL just reports AGP memory and makes our video-ram based autoconfig impossible.. so Linux defaults to the 32MB settings (we figure Linux people can handle changing their own settings anyhow). Again, please give it a try and let me know how it works.


* new medal images
* shaders: new ones for asteroids
* new default graphics/video settings
* station sound effects aren't audible in start menu anymore
* fixed "Unknown Entity" problem
* fixed /buddy note command
* clicking on chat output region should set focus to editbox
* buyback question menu properly closes when disconnected from server
* "Press the Activate key to continue on your plotted course." msg is displayed when player reaches 3000m.
* logging off will close the user stats menu
* 'Press F1' msg in HUD can be disabled in Options->Controls->Input tab menu (temporary place)
* turning off autoaim stops targeting reticle from turning yellow
* inventory list should never show engines now
* all unaligned bots are sorted after everyone else instead of before
* chat is unfocused when selecting items in buy/sell menus
* ship sound returns right after cinematic
* edit text cursor is no longer too far to the right
* scalable fonts
* new charcreate menu is functional but not finished
* supports old [colors] settings in config.ini
* disabled ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension for mac version