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Client Beta 6

Here's the latest and greatest version of the new client. Please give it a whirl and let us know of any problems you find. Hopefully we're getting near the end of the show-stopper problems and bugs. There's still a few bits and pieces we want to implement before putting this into production, but there should be some tweaks and improvements in this version that will be well received (like, say, the ability to chat while jumping, warping and undocking).


* fixed HUD not updating credits
* swapped Guild and Group radio buttons in chat area to duplicate old client
* fixed full ship value in sell menu
* added home station set confirmation
* fixed placement problem in HUD damage indicator
* removed some extra carraige returns in some messages
* fixed problem with wrong players/npcs showing up as members of groups
* fixed problem when you change the resolution and the station disappears in the login menu
* station is reloaded in login menu when resolution is changed
* chatlog and navroutes are saved when changing resolution
* color of damage indicators for group members changes based on value
* Credits/Cargo info in station menu scales now
* destination arrows in HUD don't show up in turret HUD anymore
* switching between group health bars, and self damage indicator stays between reopenings of the HUD
* /ping is implemented
* /verbose is implemented
* support pageup/down keys in station chat area
* navpoint text scales now
* color-picker in station purchase menu scales now
* object/charinfo menu is fullscreen now, so at least it's more readable
* /mission abort
* secondary chat area in HUD
* erase first line in console when console output gets too full
* fixed cargo glow orb being left behind
* fixed problem with 'stuck' mouse buttons causing players to shoot when launching from station.
* players can chat while jumping, entering/leaving station, etc...
* higher-res icon for win32 exe
* fixed bug with selling more items that you have and response saying you sold that many
* stations are sorted alphabetically in universe inventory
* opening one of nav/jettison/sectorlist/options menus will auto-close the others
* throttle speed is no longer reset when the HUD is made visible
* leviathan renders properly with shaders again.
* /ignore list is saved per user (as opposed to per character)
* added font scaling settings in Controls->Input (temporary location)
* video/graphics settings will be reset for this version if old config.ini/wgaf.cfg is used.
* joysticks in windows append their GUID to the name so mutiple identical joysticks will be unique
* removed smoke effects from 1st person mode

Client download (use at your own risk, as always):