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New Beta Client

New client beta7 is now live. Please, PLEASE test it out, especially if you've tried the previous betas, and let us know how things work (post problems to the messageboard). We want to wrap this sucker up and roll it into production as soon as possible, so the more people we have testing, the better. You can get the client from:


and the mirror:


Changelog from beta6:

* dblclicking and arrow keys for textlistboxes. don't confuse this with non-text listboxes.
* fixed problem with ship damage indicator becoming a big block after changing interface scaling.
* echo goes to log file
* fixed problem with chat log not being scrolled forward all the way.
* changed default color of purchase confirmation text to white
* clear out chat edits in HUD when they are made visible
* fixed lua error when entering capships in sectors with no stations
* appended joystick device fname to name in Linux to uniquely identify identical joysticks
* Jettison menu keeps selections when quantity changes
* group health HUD indicator no longer shows itself if it is hidden and it gets updated
* external ship views
* fixed problem after chatting in the navmenu and the navmenu losing focus
* /givemoney prints additional confirmation text.
* fixed problem with other members of group not having their health indicator colored properly
* anyone who damages someone else is automatically flagged as an enemy in the radar.
* navmenu can no longer be opened during jump/warp/undocking sequences
* fixed problem with pending charids in sector list menu
* fixed problem with not getting turret damage updates