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Vendetta Online 1.5.6

This version introduces a number of small balance changes and some light fixes and feature additions. The npc convoy Behemoth has been changed to a different variant, which is more heavily armored and now has attached turrets. The raptor has been improved a bit, and needs more testing (ports are still wide, for the moment). Several high-end fighters have had their turbo drains reduced. Various and sundry other tweaks to Hive-dropped weapons and the like. AGT mass reduced from 2400kg to 2000kg. Tridents should be appearing more often now, and the Hive should be back in action. The TPG test pilot missions have been debugged and should work better. Tridents are now dockable and wait two minutes at the beginning of escort missions.

Users can now change the UI textures, effectively being able to "skin" the UI how they like. We obviously want much more extensive user-configurability, but this is a start. Ray will post to the messageboard with instructions on how to make skins.

I'll post more about our more-significant upcoming development to news on monday. Current changelog:

- fixed /guild vote command
- different color for loading progressbar
- added profit/loss info to sell confirmation message when selling items in ship cargo menu
- added guild command to keyboard options menu
- added faction info to station welcome menu
- added more info in character select menu
- ctrl-clicking on addons and commodities will append info in a different color to the info list on right side of menu so item stats can be more easily compared
- fixed sizing problem of sector list menu
- turret health is properly updated when controlling a turret
- linux alsa sound drivers no longer block if something else is using alsa and no mixer is installed
- players are able to change the textures of the interface and HUD

Please post any thoughts to the messageboard. Direct any balance suggestions (or complaints) to the Suggestions forum, please.