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Vendetta Online 1.6.2

Mostly a minor improvement and bugfix release. This version introduces the prototype Mission Log interface on the PDA (still only accessible via "u" for now), which is mostly passive for the moment. It stores all your character advancement information and mission info to two different regions, and also includes a user-editable "notes" field. There are some known problems.. the "notes" field has some strange behaviour in the edit box (like moving the cursor up and down a line doesn't work quite right). Eventually this'll be one of the primary ways of accessing mission information, but for now it's kind of a passive recorder of events. A lot of stuff will be like this during the transition to new types of interfaces.

I also adjusted the bots, with Andy's assistance. Most of them are now much less strafe-happy, and the basic newbie collectors should be easy enough for newbies. The harder bots are still harder than they used to be, but not quite so annoying. They also should maintain a closer combat distance, as the default has been changed from 150M +/- 40% to 100M +/- 40%.

The Raptor has lost some weight, 100kg of mass, and has had an increase in cargo space. I've also added an AI config for the raptor, so it should be appearing in TPG convoys in the near future.

The EC-89 has had its engine's turbo energy usage changed from 50 to 46, per user suggestion (oddly, this had been attempted.. years ago, but the setting override never worked properly and it had never been double checked to see that it worked. I found it when I made the change). I also increased the baseline battery, off of which the Free Battery and Light Battery are derived, from 35 recharge to 38. So newbies should now find it much less irritating to fly to and fro in their new-and-improved EC-89.

A lot of other stuff was planned for this release, but some of it had too many outstanding bugs, others weren't quite there yet. But, hopefully you'll be seeing some network improvements, Deliverator missions, and new ships next week. For now, let us know if you find any problems.. and have fun :).


- Default proximity distance is now 2000 m
- Proximity distance is set when enter is pressed or when focus leaves the edit box
- Proximity distance and checkbox settings are now saved properly
- PDA mission tab: notes, advancement log, mission log
advancement log isn't saved across logins and mission log and notes are saved client-side
- Raptor weighs slightly less and has more cargo capacity
- Bus turbo energy drain is slightly less now
- Increased recharge rate of Free and Light batteries