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Vendetta Online 1.6.5

A lot of bugfixes. Deliverator missions (escort, hive, border skirmish) now feature pre-plotted navigational routes. A bug related to escort missions not ending has been fixed. A more verbose profit/loss display has been added to the Sell menu. Certain faction-specific deliverator missions are now beginning to use their proper faction-specific ship types (Serco use Proms and Vultures, etc), this will be expanded as time goes on. HACs in Border Skirmish will now appear on radar correctly as friend/foe.

A new capital ship has been added: TPG Corp's "Constellation" class Heavy Transport.


With a view of relative scale here:


For the moment the ship is lightly armed, and will only appear with occasional TPG escort missions. Expect to see more as the configuration becomes better tuned. The ship currently has 12 large turrets, and is fully dockable. The docking bay is a little more difficult to locate than on the other cap ships, but this will probably be improved.