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Vendetta Online 1.6.8

Bugfix and further UI tweak release. We are moving towards our summer "Vendetta 2.0" goal of completely redoing the new-user experience, and greatly rebalancing many disparate factors of gameplay which sorely need attention (faction system, hive, economy, storms, story backgrounds, universe layout and content). We'll be finishing up this whole UI thing first, which includes an all-new tutorial system. Then we'll be restructuring the low levels a little bit, to make the first few levels a little easier to obtain. Simultaneous in all of this is Michael's work on Hive, which we are (finally!) preparing to roll out universe-wide. There will be three different hives, each of which will be able to expand into adjacent systems. The respective Hives will compete with the local stations, nations and corporations for use of the resources (asteroid mining), which will impact the new dynamic economy (and availability of items constructed from said resources).

So, a whole lot going on in the background, even if the releases don't seem to have many fundamental changes. Sorry for the lack of newsposts lately, my presence around work has been a little sporadic (many thanks to everyone who has posted their good wishes for my girlfriend's recovery from the recent accident). Here's the latest changelog:

- pda closes when in mission log tab and player presses m
- fixed help text in weapon group tab to say 1-6 instead of 1-7
- fixed /wait command to not lua error if run with no params
- fixed a couple lua errors if mission text file is corrupt
- help buttons work now
- joystick calibrator for mac should work and not have a white background
- advancement log properly autoscrolls to the bottom unless you scroll it up
- jettison menu allows 1-9 keys to be used to quickly jettison that indexed item
- jettison menu doesn't falsely select items when they are added to the list
- interface options menu has 'Show Tool Tips' setting
- weapon groups are now saved when you leave the tab or change groups
- weapon group key binds are shown in the interface
- fixed guild and advancement tabs so they don't retain info from a previous login.
- changed the word 'jump' to 'wormhole' in trade missions
- pda's character tab will open with k if you don't have a target
- taking a mission will auto-select the mission log tab now
- Load/Unload tab shows ship's cargo used and max cargo above ship's cargo
- jettison button no longer clips text when it goes to 'Jettison Selected'
- print msg to new group member saying that they joined the group.
- fixed problem with heavy behemoths dropping their cargo when docking in escort missions
- new station interface should properly update when your faction standing or license level changes
- changed names of all batteries to powercells
- new station interface has faction text