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Vendetta Online 1.6.11

Relatively minor and bugfix changes. Work with the UI and bots are ongoing. Andy has built the underpinnings to a new system to replace our database and generally make dynamic data easier to track and fully load-balanced. Michael has done a lot of work on his pirate bots, along with some new related missions, and more Hive stuff is expected from him shortly. Luis is also working on some new Hive models, which should be cool. Ray and I hope to have a new HUD, along with (hopefully) some other new interfaces in the near future, perhaps as early as next week. Once the new UI is fully "production" and in place, we'll be focusing on more significant gameplay changes.. beginning with a rescaling of the lower levels and progressing to the new economy and "fixed" faction system.


- fixed luaerror when receiving updated medal info
- fixed spelling in the text for new commodities
- station's desired items are listed in Welcome screen instead of a news article
- news headlines are auto-requested upon entering a sector instead of them heving to be manually requested
- for skinning purposes, the HUD's leadoff reticle is made of two textures instead of one now: hud_target.png and hud_target_over.png
- fixed a performance issue when missions are updated
- zoom-in changed to animated zoom
- missionchat is changed to a function instead of an alias. this will cause an error message to be generated once.
- non-mission mission msgs are no longer flagged as mission msgs. This stops advancement messages from triggering the mission tab
- news article dates are in-game dates now: 4434