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Progress on The Hive

We've been testing the Hive for ages, as most are probably aware, within the Sedina system. It expands within that system and competes for minerals and does various other things. However, it has always been our intention to basically replace most of the current "bot" appearances with Hive entities, which would expand and try to take control of the universe on their own.

We are again working towards that goal, with the next step being to create three different hives, each of which will expand from its own system to overtake neighbor systems and threaten humanity, although still to a limited extent compared to our eventual goals. Our current well-known "bot" models are also due for an update, as Luis has been working on Hive replacement ships. It's our hope to have three unique sets of Hive vessels, each related to its particular territory. So the greyspace hive might look one way, while the hive expanding in Serco space may look different. From a story perspective, this is based on the fact that each hive would absorb technology from its local neighbors, and that, along with the different types and quantities of resources available in its home location of space, would impact the types of technology that the hive would evolve.

Here's a few development images of new Hive vessels on which Luis has been diligently working:

A new Collector

A new Observer

A new Transport