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Vendetta Online 1.7.8

Mostly bugfixes with a few new additions. Shields now only display when actually hit, instead of all the time (they show up when hit by your ship's shots, or when significantly damaged by someone else, and then fade back out over a couple of seconds). I've also reworked the shield numbers a bit. Queens are down to a recharge rate of 6000 hp per second, and their "shield repair time" is reduce to 120 seconds from 1800. So, should no one damage a queen for two minutes, the shields will go back up. The other caps have also been similarly changed, but to a lesser extent, Tridents recharging at 9000/s, and so on. All ships other than the Leviathan have a shield repair time of 5 minutes, the Lev is now set to 15 minutes (from 30) and has no other changes. NPC weapons impact shields properly as well. Now that caps are shaping up to be interesting, useful targets, we're excited about putting them to use in more direct ways. More on that later, here's the current changelog:

- Shield effect changed to be only visible when hit
- Changed shield recharge rates
- Fixed repair gun to actually repair bots instead of
damaging them
- Bots damage one another's shields correctly
- Fixed bugs with group missions (notably Border Patrol)