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Vendetta Online 1.7.9

A few minor changes and fixes (back on Weds, actually, sorry for the delayed newspost), and a few additions that will gain importance over the coming days. Capship turrets are now fully protected by the ship's shields. We will no longer see a Teradon stripped of its turrets by destroying a nearby enemy. Reloading ammo for the self-propelled concussion mine is now possible, that was previously absent due to an implementation bug, sorry. Also, a number of new hive ships now have additional drops, which will figure prominently in new higher-level Hive related missions. These include both frequent and relatively rare drops (around 1 in 50 for some of them), up to and including Leviathan items. The drops have no intrinsic value in and of themselves, only as they apply to future missions. Also, stockpiling the items in advance may not always be helpful.. some of the missions may require you to go out and get "new" drops within a specific timeframe. Not all of them will, of course, for some that would be infeasable. The whole drop-system is still in need of some improvement and tweaking, but I'm aiming to make use of what we have and get some cool missions rolling as soon as possible.


- Capship turrets are protected by the capship shields now
- Fixed some Lua errors
- Proximity detector distance entry is onw saved properly on logoff
- Additional drops for some bots
- Fixed reloading for self-propelled concussion missiles

Also, a quick note, a number of other requested (Suggested) fixes and changes are in the works, but were too time consuming for this release. So, as always, keep the input coming. Have fun!