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Vendetta Online 1.7.13

A relatively minor update, with some new features and a few bugfixes. The new Buddy and Duel functionality in the PDA expands on the previous update, and more features of that type can be expected next week (larger, more significant development is progressing as well). The TPG Raptor should now be available in all TPG stations, with an increased top speed and overall cargo capacity. For those who have worked hard to get the TPG TestPilot accomplishment, have no fear, new vessels will be tested there in the future.


- joysticks with more than 8 axes have their info properly saved
- pressing k will only close pda if charinfo tab is open
- changed crates back to cargo crate from the present object
- added Buddy and Duel buttons in 'k' charinfo menu
- added Buddy tab in Comm tab in PDA
- Raptor now has 8 cargo and a top speed of 220
- removed raptor accomplishment requirement