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Sector Updates

We've just dropped a new sector in place in Itan J11. It was my intention to roll out new sectors for all three major nations this weekend, but it ended up being a more complex process than anticipated. Anyway, this marks a progression towards the general tweaking of the universe for a couple of reasons. For one, Deneb will eventually be changed to be more applicable to a nation-conflict scenarion. For another, major Nation capitols and newbie zones are going to be laid out differently, with the goal of helping new users learn combat and gameplay in more interesting and entertaining ways. In addition, you'll start to see other things.. like multiple stations in a sector, and bots which only stay in particular areas within sectors, and the like. All of which will hopefully lead to more interesting use of our available "space", and a more vibrant and lifelike universe.

Watch for more significant changes in the next release. A number of things are in the pipe, but weren't ready by tonight. Development on Kourier is also moving along well, hopefully that will be debuting in the near future.