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Vendetta Online 1.7.41

Mostly bugfixes, and a few minor improvements. We're wrapping up the infrastructure changes. We didn't fully complete the work slated for the scheduled downtime today, opting instead to only migrate one machine do some more testing. We'll finish the rest of the cluster next week. This will result in a more stable and well-monitored environment for the game to run on, and greater capacity for doing things like.. cap ship battles and other server-intensive gameplay.

In other news, our internet connection has been a bit spotty today. Cogent had a router card fail in Chicago this afternoon, and we're continuing to have intermittent outages. Hopefully this will clear up soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.


*** Vendetta 1.7.41

- Fixed unknown price values for addons given by missions
- Spy missions should not choose wormhole sectors anymore
- Promoted toggleautoaim from macro to internal command. a one-time error in the console will appear. This is normal.
- Added AutoAim indicator to HUD
- Added AutoAim indicator/notification interface options.
- Changed 'Select Weapons' to 'Select Weapon Group' in HUD Help menu
- Fixed 'Select Weapon Group' value in HUD Help menu to properly show '1-7'
- Changed 'Fire * Weapon' to 'Fire * Weapons' in menus
- Removed missionhelp command because it is obsolete
- Windows Sound driver should work in rare cases where it doesn't find any audio devices
- assert and error are exported to public lua interface
- Added custom 'thread' api to the public lua interface
- gksound.GKLoadSound{soundname="soundname", filename="filename"} function. "soundname" is what is sent to gksound.GKPlaySound("soundname")