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Vendetta Online 1.7.42

Mostly bugfixes. We had a small number of crash reports from people under certain unusual situations, and managed to track down and squash those particular bugs. So, if you've had any problems with the game crashing lately, it should now be improved.

Strike Forces behave a little differently now, launching in increasing waves with a pause in between. This is part of a buildup towards the Faction / Friendly Fire changes. The number and types of bots in the waves, as well as the timing between waves, will both continue to be tweaked.

Drag and Drop has been implemented in the UI, and the first release (technically we're on now) had it in there, but a few odd bugs were discovered, so we disabled the feature and released a patch. Hopefully we'll get this straightened out and there may be a on Friday with a fix, but if not, then expect it next week. Drag and Drop is a pretty cool feature for our UI, as many have noted, futilely wishing they could drag weapons onto their ship. The basic functionality has now been created, but it'll still be a little while yet before we rework the UI to use it to full advantage. We've never had D&D before, so some functional UI redesign will be needed.

The Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard may now have some support for "G" macro keys under Linux (untested). No guarantees, and Logitech does not officially support Linux. For more information on using the keyboard in this OS, see here.

Aside from this, the new Hive is still in the works, hopefully it will be in testing next week. I imagine there'll be some tweaking time with that, and we'll eventually move towards new hive-related features, but in the immediate term it'll be nice just to have everything running under Kourier, and Deliverator totally turned off.

That's it for now, hopefully Drag and Drop will appear in a release Fri evening. Please report any issues you see.


- Fixed client crashes.
- Strike-force bot group behaviour is different now.
- errors.log file is line-buffered again.
- lua event UNLOAD_INTERFACE is raised when the interface is reloaded.
- lua 5.1 vararg compatibility mode has been removed. You must use ... and the implicit arg table no longer exists. You can do this: local arg={...}
- drag-n-drop support but not implemented in current UI
- Support for Logitech G15 'G' macro keys in Linux version with this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LogitechG15
- Force OpenGL shaders to off for 915GM and 945G drivers in Linux.