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Vendetta Online 1.7.45-1.7.57

A few new features and a bunch of bugfixes. To recap the last couple of weeks:

The Kourier-based Hive is now in production, and has undergone a lot of testing and bugfixes (thanks to our awesome userbase for their reports). We still haven't moved forward with changing the Hive gameplay, or expanding on it, we've just been trying to get everything stable before we start adding new stuff. So far so good on that, so hopefully we'll begin expanding on it next week.

There is now a Guild Bank feature, wherein guild members may deposit sums into a joint bank, allowing themselves and others to withdraw. There's plenty of logging and security features, allowing the guild management to determine who can withdraw money, and how much per day. Transactions are logged, and withdrawals can be submitted with a justifying description, which then go into the log (ie: "To buy new ship for event" or some some such reason). We released this on Monday, and then had a number of minor bugs crop up, all of which should be now fixed. If anything else crops up, please report it on the forums or via the bug reporter form/program.

There were some MacOS X crashes related to changing resolution, which we've fixed, and a bunch of other issues here and there.

Moving forward from here.. in the immediate future we hope to focus on improving Hive gameplay, eventually resulting in the appearance of three different Hives (one in Itani territory, one in Serco, one in grayspace) once things are fleshed out and stabilized. In addition to this, we hope to have some new addon-tweaking parameters available to.. me, in the near future, which will make it possible to release new addons without as much concern over "what will four of these be like on a Hornet". I'll post the details of the system before long. I've mentioned it several times on Suggestions, but never in full detail.

That's about it for now. Other development is still continuing in the background, like Andy's redux of bot mechanics, but you will be seeing regular advancements in actual gameplay on a frequent basis for awhile, I think. Yes, the Trac thing is also coming, but you'll have to deal with my newsposts for a little while longer.

As always, thanks much, please post any problems you find.


*** Vendetta 1.7.47

- Added group kill/death notification message and interface option to enable and disable it
- Fixed bug with guild bank buttons being greyed out for members who are both council and lieutenants
- Fixed last aggressor selection command
- Fixed bug when active ship was not listed in ship selection menu if there are no other owned ships at that location
- Fixed bug with setting guild logaccess
- Fixed default text in right-side region of the Commodities Sell tab

*** Vendetta 1.7.46

- Guild bank feature added, with a transaction register and an activity log
- Brand new hive code: quadruple rewards for hive skirmish in storm sectors
- Asteroid ring in Leviathan's sector now contains ore consistently
- Fixed bug which would spew "duplicate remote add" to the log
- Other miscellaneous bugfixes

*** Vendetta 1.7.45

- New PCC missions available
- Client bugs fixed