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Vendetta Online 1.8.53

VO 1.8.53 includes:

- Experimental new fog in Dau K-10 and Verasi I-5.
- Lua version has been updated to 5.1.4.
- Fixed crashing bug in Windows when trying to take a screenshot in window-mode if the window is hanging off any edge of the desktop.
- No screenshot file is generated in Windows when in window-mode and the window is bigger than the desktop.
- Voice Chat sound ducking now properly turns off if you are talking while you leave a group.
- Voice Chat now prints connection status in chat window and prints errors in console.
- Visual Quality settings are now correctly set and recognized under all circumstances.
- DirectX driver now properly detects amount of video memory available in Vista.
- Windows client no longer crashes on FLOAT_INEXACT_RESULT fpu exception.
- Fixed popping of storm entry fog effect in some slower framerate cases.