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Vendetta Online 1.8.60

VO 1.8.60 includes:
- Border Skirmish capships repositioned more appropriately for Serco/Itani jump-in locations.
- Friendly Fire exclusions removed from Latos M-7.
- Warp in and Warp/Jump out effects now have sound.
- Targeted ships now show health and shield strength percent on health bar.
- Sector notes now have multi-line support.
- A notification line is now printed in the console to show that custom interface code was loaded, if any.
- The chat log /clear command now properly clears the chat log.
- Added /help and /nation helper commands to quickly go to channels 1 and 11 respectively.
- The mission notification icon on the HUD now jumps further to get your attention.
- New keyboard bind menu. Mouse over the command to change, click once, and press the key to bind to the command. Press 'Esc' to cancel. To clear all keys from a command, hover over the command and press 'delete'.