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Detail Textures: Before and After

We've only implemented detail textures on a few object types, so far, although as I mentioned in my last newspost, expanded usage of this and the texture compression feature will be ongoing. Some of the Detail Texture effects can be a bit subtle, the intent being to present detail as though it's a part of the object, not to draw attention to itself. Here is a before and after comparison, for those who would like to see. Try to ignore the shadow brightening of the background asteroid, that's unrelated, an artifact of how these screenshots were taken.

(images adjusted for brightness only, no sharpening)

Without Detail Textures

With Detail Textures

I'd suggest opening those in separate tabs, and flipping back and forth between them. As you can see, the difference is substantial, but has been tuned to blend with the material overall.. not be "in your face". The intent here is to use the effect to provide a more detailed in-game reality, but one that can be taken for granted by the player, not as a showcase in and of itself.