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VO 1.8.78 and 79

Big graphical Changes -

VO 1.8.79
- New high-resolution compressed textures for EC and Raptor series.
- Re-exported and compressed textures for all rocky asteroids.
- Compressed starfield textures.
- 256MB Visual Quality settings no longer enable Texture Compression.
- 256MB VQ settings also enable Super High backgrounds.
- New Shader Model 2.0a low precision setting available, mainly for the Geforce FX series of chips.

VO 1.8.78
- Improved Shader 2.0 graphics and fixed other shaders.
- New compressed normal maps for Shader 2.0 hardware to improve video memory usage. They are loaded as uncompressed maps for non-Shader 2.0 hardware, taking up the same amount of video memory as before.
- Fixed bug where items in local non-active ships were not sellable unless there is an active ship.
- Fixed major OpenGL vertex buffer crashing bug.
- Improved texture load time slightly.
- Initial loading screen now has a percent complete counter.