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Vendetta Online 1.8.95 - 1.8.97

VO 1.8.97 includes (just released, 10/17):

- Added options for proximity warning to activate on players, npcs, or both.
- Fixes for intermittent problems with Training V and other missions.
- Added debugging info for mac version when enumerating joysticks and other HID devices.

VO 1.8.96 included (earlier this week):

- Proximity warning now only warns every 2.5 seconds.
- Another experimental fix for Netbooks running Linux.
- Fixed random crashes for some players when they enter sectors.
- Increased reliability of sector startup. It should fix bot problems in Dau L-10 and other places.

VO 1.8.95 included (last week):

- Bots and players now properly show up on radar in Linux and Mac versions.
- Added a 'One-Off' proximity warning that will warn the first time a ship is seen within the defined proximity but won't warn again until the ship leaves the defined proximity.
- Experimental crash fix for Netbooks running Linux.
- Your own ship's health is no longer occluded. It shows up in the sector list again.

Some of our recent work (occlusion, etc) has necessitated a lot of bugfixes. We have some more major features in development, hopefully they'll start to emerge this coming week.