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Vendetta Online 1.8.105

VO 1.8.105 includes:

- Nation Defense turrets for Latos H2, Ukari A10, Edras B11 and I2 have been moved inside of their respective Nation space, and are no longer in grayspace. The turrets in Helios B7 and Ukari L2 still remain, as Capitol systems (Arta and Pyronis respectively) use turrets on both sides of all wormholes.
- Devus D3 Guardians drop Cargo Spoofer MkI (50% chance).
- Helman K3 Overseers drop Cargo Spoofer MkII (25% chance).
- Dentek Collectors drop Cargo Spoofer MkIII (1 in 50 chance).
- Prosus Assaults drop Addon Scanners (25% chance).

A little more detail:

The new Cargo Spoofer addon has the same basic feature as the previously-released Cargo Scanner Blocker, it prevents people from scanning your cargo hold. However, it also returns a false signal to their scan, showing a specific set of items rather than "Blocked", making the blocked state more difficult to detect. Each type of Cargo Spoofer (MkI/MkII/etc) returns a different cargo hold status (different items), and more Spoofers may appear down the road.

The Addon Scanner allows you to scan a remote vessel and see what addons they have equipped.

Both items are not sold at any station and may only be obtained as drops from the above mentioned Hive bots (both dynamic and static hives).