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VO 1.8.111

VO 1.8.111 includes:

- EC-89 and free battery are now available at the conquerable station so players cannot strand themselves there.
- Conquerable station defense turret hitpoints have been quadrupled.
- Conquerable station defense turrets now respawn after 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes.
- Conquerable station defense turrets should now try to fly back to their position if knocked away.
- There is a 2 minute wait period between when all conquerable station defense turrets are destroyed and the station can be docked to in order for the station to be conquered.
- Improvements to conquerable station defense turret targeting system.
- Trade Guild mission no longer disconnects the player when the mission is taken.

As has been stated elsewhere, this is still only a baseline "initial testing" version of Station Conquest, and thus any expectations should take that into account. Still, we hope this latest update will alleviate some of the issues that cropped up in the initial release. Please continue to post any obvious bugs to the Bugs forum, and thoughts on future improvements to Suggestions.

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