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Vendetta Online 1.8.116

VO 1.8.116 includes:

- Behemoth Heavy Miner MkII now available in mining stations, requires Basic Miner III. Integrated 1000m mineral scanner, 3 large ports.
- Fix for case causing human-only Hive Skirmish to be started/posted.
- More reliable reward mechanisms (get rewarded for escorts even if you are warping).
- Navroute set again when leaving station after death in Border Skirmish.
- Windows 7 audio driver now properly plays at the correct speed when the audio device is not running at 44.1 KHz.
- Fixed UTC dates in Events menu and Keychain Menu.
- Station radar blip for conquerable stations is only visible to players who have docking privileges.
- A sector message is now displayed when the conquerable station is actually conquered.
- Giving a User Key through the Owner Key no longer creates a new User Key.
- Client build number in Credits menu now shows the downloaded version.
- Added auto-detection and changed initial default settings for certain Intel graphics chipsets, for improved netbook support (GMA500, GMA950, GMA3150).

There's a lot of stuff in this version, but among other things, players with Intel Atom-based Netbooks should have a much easier time getting started in the game. The station-blip visibility is another important change, as it will lead (quickly) to new "secret" conquerable stations appearing in the galaxy. You can expect more station/conquest related changes in this coming week, to further refine the gameplay and address certain issues, like increasing the physical size of turrets (so they don't make for such tiny targets). There may also be some new stations appearing. But who knows? If we add them, we'll let you know, but you'll have to find them for yourselves!