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Vendetta Online 1.8.117

VO 1.8.117 includes:

- Manufacturing the Teller-Ulam Mine in the Conquerable Station now has reduced requirements (Queen Processors instead of Queen Matrix). Mission can only be taken twice per day.
- Missile turrets around Conquerable Stations now do less damage and have a lower top speed. Other missile turrets are unaffected.
- Web page submission system for in-game player-created events. See http://www.vendetta-online.com/x/events for more information.
- Audio system now has a limiter to prevent clipping when too many loud sounds are played at the same time.
- Audio system resamples the sound to the sampling rate that the OS reports. This only affects Windows Vista and Windows 7.
- Fixed 'Empty Convoy' bug.
- Fixed a bug where turreted ship weapon group tab would permanently hide the turret ports.
- Fixed a bug where taking an escort mission, launching, and then changing the nav route would cause the jump navpoint to be too near the station.
- Fixed a bug where two people would try conquering a station at the same time and they're both let in but only one can set a key.
- Station conquer timer is now shown to players who enter the sector after the 2 minute countdown already started.
- Conquerable station docking bay no longer says 'Press the Activate key to dock' during the time the station isn't conquerable.
- When in a capship turret, the 'Target too far to scan' message is no longer displayed on the HUD.
- High-density sectors in Deneb can no longer have storms appear in them.
- Fixed a bug where Intel GMA950-based PCs running Windows XP would default to showing the station in the menu instead of hiding it for performance reasons.
- Fixed a bug where the player who conquered a station wouldn't get free ship repairs until they redocked.

Be sure and check out the Event system, among other things. Lots more changes and major gameplay additions are coming in the next few weeks!