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Vendetta Online 1.8.119

VO 1.8.119 includes:

- Changed random number generator for new character name creation. It is seeded once a second, so new names can only be created once a second.
- Colliding with other ships will no longer cause their radar blips to change from green to red.
- Fixed a CTF race condition.

The top change in this release may seem like a minor fix, but it was a major thing for new players who were finding the randomly generated names to be mostly used-up. This re-seeding of the character name generator greatly improves that situation, removing a relatively silly issue. We will also be culling our character names in the not too distant future, predominately those on never-before-subscribed accounts that are older than a year. This should free up a lot of character names. We will not be deleting the old characters or accounts, but rather renaming the characters to include random data blocks. If users wish to revive those characters later, they can request a name change at that point.

You can expect more significant changes this week. We have quite a bit of cool stuff in the works, just not yet ready for prime time.