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Vendetta Online 1.8.120

VO 1.8.120 includes:

- All station access keys have been deleted and Latos I-8 station ownership has been reset.
- Two new conquerable stations added, in grayspace. Other features will be appearing, making conquering and holding all three stations a lucrative prospect. Where are they located? Explore and find them!
- In statically fogged sectors, the sector list (the "u" menu) now only shows users within radar range, allowing total concealment through use of occlusion and fog. In non-fogged sectors and storm sectors, old behaviour still applies.
- Friendly Fire restrictions have been removed from all but Nation Capitol systems (Serco/Itani/UIT).
- Active Players list on website now displays Buddies Online for your logged-in account, and graphs of player populations.
- Changed lua function SplitStationID() to SplitLocationID(). This affects some plugins. A simple search and replace in the plugins folder will fix the problem.

We hope you all enjoy hunting for the stations. We'll be adding some related content for them in the near future, and further tweaking and tuning the conquest system as well as key management and the like. We're very close to having all the elements for some really compelling, conquest/defense driven gameplay.

The changes to the "u" list for fog conditions are a testbed for the future. No worries, we aren't going to make it the global behaviour right away. We have some work to do first, in the areas of letting players ask convoy captains about who they have seen, and some piracy reporting mechanics, and methods of helping players find one another, to help balance out the sector list becoming a radar-limited feature.