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Vendetta Online 1.8.129

VO 1.8.129 includes:

- Training Blaster and Government-Issued Plasma Cannon shot velocity increased to 145.
- Fixed a rendering bug with certain textures on the PPC mac version.
- Fixed navpoint distance indicator flickering between distance and the "Activate now" message and missile lock-on sound not working correctly.
- Fixed a bug when a new character is created successfully after trying to create a character with a name that already exists; the new character was not showing up in the character selection menu.

I understand that while a lot of these fixes and small changes are appreciated, we haven't exactly been setting the world on fire with sweeping gameplay improvements lately (aside from economics work, maybe). We're very busy preparing for a special showcase at the upcoming E3 Expo. There will be related announcements and clarifications before long.

Hopefully, post-E3 there will be a return to much of the remaining redux work. Fixes to Station Conquest, economy, faction system, dynamic warfare, war convoys, and many other things. Thanks for the continued patience in the meantime.