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Vendetta Online 1.8.162

VO 1.8.162 includes:

- Queens will now rarely drop the Queen Gatling Cannon.
- 15 new missions from Phaserlight, winner of the holiday PCC Mission Contest!
- Windows Vista/7 audio system now supports 5.1 audio setups.
- Key ramping is now off by default. This only affects new installs, it does not change your current setting.
- Added Guild Voice Chat. Guild members are automatically joined to the Guild Voice Chat channel when they log in. If you join a group, the Group Voice Chat will be active. You can toggle between Guild and Group Voice Chat using the /voicechattoggle command.
- Android updater no longer keeps the screen on while downloading, saving battery life.

VO 1.8.161 included a number of Android-specific improvements.