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Vendetta Online 1.8.188

VO 1.8.188 includes:

- The Trident Type M, player-constructable capship, now includes an integrated 2000-meter Heavy Storm Radar Extender (the feature is present on all existing and future vessels).
- The Trident Type M also now features a 2000-meter Shared Group Radar Extender, allowing the sharing of radar data with those in a group with the capship.
- PC versions now feature the updated graphical startup and loading screens used on the Android build.
- "Delete Key" button added the key info interface, allowing removal of keys used for station and capship ownership. Read the Help menu in PDA->Inventory->Keychains for more information.

Between 1.8.181 and 188, almost all changes were Android-specific, and included features like In App Purchase (for subscription time), full touchscreen scrolling, complete native activity support for Gingerbread or better (with java fallbacks for Froyo), support for Snapdragon devices, and a totally new user interface for phones and smaller tablets ("condensed" mode). We did not prioritize posting these changes to the usual News page, as they were platform-exclusive.

You may expect more gameplay-oriented updates, along with mobile announcements, over the coming weeks.