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Vendetta Online 1.8.190

VO 1.8.190 includes:

- Fixed internal Android platform-reporting issue.
- Added more debugging for Deneb stats.
- Android client Java crash fixes.
- The game now warns you if it cannot find OpenSL ES audio drivers on
Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above. This affects Galaxy Tab 10.1
devices, as some have that file missing and therefore no audio is
heard in-game.

Some of these Android changes have been mandated by bug reports, or the upcoming release on handsets. We're still working to debug more fundamental gameplay issues, such as the occasional lost-NPC problem, or the scores in Deneb. Some of these challenges are not simple, and will require some non-trivial updates to server architecture, so please bear with us while we continue to debug and fix these issues. These are very important problems to fix, as they could impact the reliability of future gameplay that utilizes the same game mechanics, so we want to fix them before adding anything new.

We're also doing some work to improve the running memory-footprint of the game. This is good timing for the Android-handset release, but also stands to help performance and memory usage on the PC as well (especially on fill-rate-limited chips, like some laptops, etc). Most of this work is being done in the areas of graphics, textures, and compression thereof. When it is possible, we'll also attempt to spruce-up and improve some of the textures while we're doing this, but that will only happen based on time availability; the main purpose and priority for this work is to improve the memory footprint, not to improve the graphics.

As a result of the updated textures, there may be a bit larger patch in the not too distant future. We don't know exactly how large, yet, but hopefully under 30MB. Just a heads-up.

On another note, you will find Vendetta Online featured in a recent Verizon Video, posted about their 4G LTE Network. We're about half-way through the video ("4G LTE In Action", center-bottom of the page linked previously). Keep an eye out, you may see VO popping up in more advertising, across many forms of media!

Thanks for your support, as always, and please post any issues on the Bugs forum.