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Vendetta Online 1.8.193

VO 1.8.193 includes:

- Updated textures for Valkyrie, Prometheus, and Marauder.
- Expanded hardware server-cluster capacity (number of cores).
- Improved software server architecture, should eradicate "stray NPC" issues. Please let us know if you see any remaining stray convoy bots.
- User Keys can no longer be chosen as the main Access Key for capships and conquerable stations.
- Access Keys should more accurately reflect their active status in the Keychain UI.
- Added Audio Limiter setting to allow it to be disabled. The setting is located in Options -> Audio.
- Changed default in-flight action for Android device 'Menu' button from toggling Flight-Assist to opening the Mission Log.
- When using the Condensed UI mode on Android devices, a reminder about using the 'Menu' button to change game menus is displayed when the station or PDA menus are displayed.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the capship Tactical menu to become visible on ships without turrets.
- Improved race track graphics.

Like the changelog says, we should hopefully have addressed any problems with stray convoy bots or NPC capships sitting in random areas of space. If you should see anything like this, or experience any other issues, please let us know. If the problem is critical, please submit a Support Ticket to get our attention more quickly. Thanks!