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Vendetta Online 1.8.195

VO 1.8.195 includes:

- Drastically reduced requirements for manufacturing the Trident Type M user-playable capship. Various plating, panels and other parts are now needed in smaller numbers. A few additional rare minerals and ores are required, but overall a big reduction in the time and effort needed for construction.
- Additional cores added to server cluster, further expanding capacity.
- Added Updater timeout handling to Windows and Mac platforms.
- Auto Dock mode. Enabled by default for Android and disabled for all other platforms. It autodocks you when you fly into the docking bay without you having to 'Activate' it.
- Separate error messages for Android Updater for connection timeout vs. connection failures.

We welcome continued feedback on any of these changes, particularly that of the Trident Manufacturing. There will be two other trident types released in the not too distant future, but they did not make it into tonight's updates.

The auto-dock feature was mainly implemented to make the game a bit easier on a phone or touchscreen tablet, but is also kind of nice on a PC. It should be pretty helpful when trying to dock with a moving capship.

The updater-timeout changes should help improve connection resiliency, and also give users a bit more information to help debug connectivity problems relating to the game.