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Vendetta Online 1.8.196

VO 1.8.196 includes:

- Arklan Guardians now have a one-in-ten chance of dropping an Avalon Torpedo launcher. They will eventually be for sale near Deneb as well, or potentially dropped by certain convoys; this is a first step.
- All platforms now default to autodock mode. This can be changed in Options -> Game Settings.
- Single-player Android tutorial now does autodock.
- Miscellaneous UI tweaks for Android version.
- Marshall only gives a list of bounties that have logged in within the past year.
- Bounties are sorted by number of bounties and then the total bounty price.
- Collector bot behaviour in Training sector have been changed to not attack unless being attacked and to not fly away as easily.
- Empty bounty news posts now say there were no bounties collected instead of being blank.