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Vendetta Online 1.8.203-204

VO 1.8.203-204 include:

- Five new PCC missions from Phaserlight.
- Added support for Sony Tablet P.
- Bots no longer attack their defend target if the defend target damages itself.
- Bots that damage their defend target no longer get attacked by other bots with the same defend target.
- New players are now notified when they fly too far away from the station in the training sector and will be given the option to return to the station.
- Newsposts accessed from the character selection menu are now properly formatted.

Holiday Gift to Past Subscribers

As has also been posted via our Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets.. past subscribers whose accounts expired before October 1st of this year, may now play for free through January 1st! Have fun!

Vendetta Online for Android Phones

For any who missed it, the official press release went out this past week, announcing Vendetta Online support for many Android phones (Tegra, Snapdragon, PowerVR), as well as the recently added Joystick and Voice Chat support in the Android version.