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Vendetta Online 1.8.208-209

VO 1.8.209 includes:

- Teller-Ulam mine changes: Timeout increased to 1 hour, damage increased to 15k, capacity increased to 2, reload cost reduced by half.
- Added ability for capship owner to dismiss a player from a turret through a new turret tab in the Tactical tab of the owner's PDA. Also added a /gunner dismiss "character name" and for lua a Gunner.Dismiss("character name") function.
- Capship turret list now shows what weapon is attached to each turret.
- HUD mission icon is removed when the mission ends.
- Loading screen image when changing texture resolutions is now properly scaled.
- Fixed screendump /dump command on Android devices.
- Tegra 3 Android devices now properly default to Super High background detail.
- Fixed some cases where a player may not receive their mission rewards while they are jumping/warping.
- New turret weapon: Gemini Homing Missiles. Same stats as non-turreted Geminis. Available in certain grayspace locations, to those with standing and required levels. This adds to the selection of existing turrets: Shield, FireCracker, Neutron MkIII, Gauss MkII, etc.

VO 1.8.208 included:

- Fixed problem with ice asteroids on Tegra 3 devices running Android 4.0
such as the Transformer Prime.
- Tegra 3 devices now render in 32bit mode

Please let us know how the various capship changes and turret weapons are working in practice. The factional change is still the top priority for major gameplay (perhaps next week?), but didn't make it in for this release.

As always, thanks for your support, and please post any issues to Bugs.