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Vendetta Online 1.8.210-212, other news.

VO 1.8.212 includes:

- Fixed rendering problems on Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note.
- Sector list now properly updates when a player is controlling a turret of a capship after the capship has changed sectors.
- Storm exit navpoints now appear when leaving a station during a storm if the player logged in to the game and is in the station.
- Interface work for upcoming faction changes.

VO 1.8.211 included:
- Added support for Arm Mali devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Support is currently only available through the sideload apk because the Android Market does not show VO as being available for those devices.

VO 1.8.210 included:
- Added ice effect for Kindle Fire.
- Fixed lua error when client connection times out when trying to create a new character.

Aside from this, I should recap some other developments from the last two weeks:

Vendetta Online released for the Kindle Fire

That's right, Amazon's wildly popular 7" Android tablet now has Vendetta Online available in the AppStore as a free download. This version includes some special graphics work to make things look as cool as possible on the Kindle Fire. The device actually runs the game pretty well, if you have one be sure and check it out. As with all our other ports, it logs into the same game universe, so you can pretty seamlessly switch from PC to Tablet to Phone and back.

Ongoing development of Faction System changes

Tonight's release includes some as-yet invisible menus and interfaces specific to the upcoming faction changes. The updated faction system will include degrees of mutual exclusivity to faction standing, meaning that one will no longer be able to maintain the highest standings with two factions that hate one another. These newly-added menus will permit the user to select, for any given character, which of the mutually-exclusive standings to keep at the higher level. This is primarily just to convert us over to the new system, once it is in place people will be expected to be aware of their relative standing changes.

More involved information about the mechanics of the new faction system and implementation specifics will be posted to Suggestions before the changes actually go into effect.

A nice new article about Vendetta Online on Massively

In a very unexpected and cool turn of events, a new article on Vendetta Online recently appeared on Massively. The reviewer appeared to enjoy his time in our galaxy, appreciating our strengths while also acknowledging of some of our weaknesses. Check out the article, it's worth a look.