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Vendetta Online 1.8.236

VO 1.8.236 includes:

- Added touch-to-select HUD feature to Android version. Just touch the target (making sure no other touch region is touched) and it is selected, depending on your HUD's "Target" mode.
- Reduced network traffic when logging in.
- Storms once again appear in Edras and Pelatus.
- Fixed problem with Trade Guild mission choosing wrong destination stations.
- Added code to the audio system to fix missing sound on some Windows Vista/7/8 desktop computers.

It is also noteworthy that an updated Windows Store build of the game (for Windows 8 and Windows RT) has also passed certification with Microsoft, which enhances the default graphics on Intel Ultrabooks and fixes a number of bugs. It should also be possible to use plugins with this version, by placing them in the /user/your name/AppData/Packages/<vo package>/LocalState folder.