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Vendetta Online 1.8.250

VO 1.8.250 includes:

- Fixed issues with low framerate on all platforms when getting damaged repeatedly, shooting ammo-based weapons, or collecting ore.
- Added tilt calibration menu in Options->Advanced->Controller-> Accelerometer for accelerometer-enabled devices (iPad and WinRT devices need to wait for an update in their respective stores).
- Added Premium In-App product purchases for iOS and Android versions.
- Serco Vulture Guardian is now available at level 3, giving access to iPad players and other "Lite" subscribers.

Most of these changes went into effect on Monday, the SVG was updated yesterday, but we're a little behind on formally announcing the updates. I wanted to propagate them onto News to give everyone a heads-up, particularly in regards to the Vulture, which is a pretty major ship availability improvement for our "Lite" mode playerbase.

We have more updates queued up, but we need to wait for the new iOS version to be passed by Apple before pushing them out.

Have a great weekend everyone, and be sure to check out some of the Events!