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A quick News update.

We encountered some issues with persistent mine development last week, and chose to spend some more time in evaluation and testing of the new system. These changes are taking place at a center point of many intersecting areas of gameplay, basically taking a lot of non-persistent concepts and making them fully persistent, regardless of whether a given player is online (possibly impacting mission data and character information in new ways). This makes for a lot of potential "edge case" bugs, that while probably very rare, we still want to rule out to make this new feature as solid as possible. We are still optimistic that persistent mines will be rolled out later this week, but all the better for the extra investment of our time.

The problems with persistent mines has slightly delayed other development, we do not expect full capship persistency this week. But work on that is on-going, and dovetails to some extent with the general-persistency work being done for mines, so testing one feature can also help the other.

We *are* moving forward with other work, related to the new ships variants (Vulture, etc), weapon types, and the like. Tweaks with the Trident(s) will be on-going, and more information about some of the upcoming Automated Events will also be forthcoming. More News updates will be posted as scheduling becomes a little more concrete.

Be sure to also stop by for the upcoming Nation War event. Perhaps we'll even see the new Vulture represented? Possibly with a few tweaks, from user feedback? I look forward to the on-going discussion on our Suggestions Forum.

As always, thanks for your patience and support.