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Vendetta Online 1.8.279-280

VO 1.8.280 includes:

- Added Sony DualShock 4 support to Android and Windows.
- Faction logos now display properly on ARM Mali Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.
- Players can no longer dock to capships with CTC cargo. It will need to be jettisoned first.
- Radar extender addons now only work if they are equipped as addons, not if they are in your cargo hold.
- Google+ Achievements are now supported in the Android Play Store and sideload versions.
- Fixed PVP Veteran 1 achievement for Amazon GameCircle and iOS GameCenter.
- Added a 'Log off' button to the mutually exclusive faction choice menu.
- Your character name is now displayed in the faction choice verification menu.
- Added a 3 month non-recurring in-app purchase to the Android version, supporting Play Store "Gift Cards".
- Persistent capships now mirror the player's weapon addons after player log-off.

VO 1.8.279 included:

- Pressing X+Y at the same time on the gamepad in Android now displays the gamepad help menu that shows what the different controls do.
- Dialogs with 'Do not show this again' checkboxes now default to the OK button being focused instead of the checkbox.
- Attempt to fix clipped screen on HTC One devices.

There are a lot bigger changes and deeper fixes in the works, as we continue to test and tune and respond to feedback following the factional changes and new capship features. We expect to also have some new content dropping in the near future, but for the moment we're focused on making the persistent capships as robust as possible. These same code-paths being implemented for capships are going to be used for player-owned stations, player-owned convoys, factions and other mechanics down the road, so it's very important that we lay a solid groundwork.

We also have some new graphical and environmental changes in the pipe, which I'll talk about next week. Have a great weekend, everyone!