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Vendetta Online 1.8.287-288

VO 1.8.288 included:

- Optimized of UI updates when mining asteroids.
- Capship energy drain now properly persists between NPC and player controlled capships.
- Capships can no longer be used to conquer stations by wedging it into the docking bay of the station when it is conquerable.
- Players are now notified if they get Temp KOS by damaging a conquerable station defense turret.
- Fixed conquerable station issue when a Temp KOS player attempts to conquer the station. The 30 secon requirement was no longer in effect after that case.
- Fixed conquerable station issue when players set it as their home station. They weren't properly respawning there and were bounced to a different station instead.
- Fixed problem when a player owned capship was destroyed when the owner was logged off and logging back in would send them to a station other than their home station.
- When a player logs in while in a station and they are not allowed to dock at that station (access key is revoked for example), the player is bounced to another station but their ship stays at the original station. The player will need to regain access to the station to get their ship back.
- Fixed disconnect error when a passenger is in a capship when it explodes.

VO 1.8.287 included:
- All grey space systems are now running the experimental threaded code. Please report any problems through support tickets.

As the final release note states, we have rolled out the new sector code to all sectors in grayspace. We'll be continuing to monitor things, and then eventually roll it out to the entire game. We're doing this in stages to make sure our fixes don't compromise other areas of game stability.

At the same time, we aren't convinced that we've fixed all hit-check related issues with these architectural change, and we're continuing to monitor and enhance things as we move forward. If you experience problems with shots not hitting, please submit a Support Ticket to let us know when/where. If you're seeing a large ping time, then that is likely to blame, but we're targeting those occasional situations where the ping times are very low, but hits are failing to register.

There will be a major next-generational enhancement to the engine rolled out soon, allowing far higher asteroid densities, which will first appear in a few sectors. In the long run, this will completely re-make the face of our galaxy, and make expansion of the universe a far easier and more interesting concept.

Have a great weekend, everyone.