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Vendetta Online 1.8.289

VO 1.8.289 includes:

- Added more optimizations to reduce possible lag during large player battles.
- Private messages, guild, group, and vote actions no longer reveal online status for privacy reasons.

We're been doing a lot of server-side optimization, to improve performance in large battles and build towards the even more epic situations we all want to see. Thus far, we've had a lot of success, although bigger changes are in the works. This latest version includes some tweaks that are nearly a thousand times faster for very specific situations (but perhaps only twice as fast in common cases).

This is not all related to PvP performance, some of it includes the behaviour of NPCs and how well we can get them to work when scaled to really large numbers. I would like to see some terrifyingly large fleets of capships and escort-fighters.

In the meantime, we are also still debugging a rare, but persistent issue in our threaded sector code that's currently running in Grayspace. So, if you experience sudden logouts in that area of the game, please submit a ticket and let us know. We're instrumenting and debugging the hell out of it, but it's quite a sporadic issue.

Once these improvements have matured a little further, we'll run some big Events and see how it all shakes out. Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!