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Vendetta Online 1.8.467-468

VO 1.8.468 includes:
- Fixed issue with flight stick buttons being unmapped when the game is restarted on Android (includes Oculus Go, etc).
- Fixed issue with certain forbidden console flight commands working on Windows.
- Persistent capship timeout now gets reset when the capship is damaged.
- NPCs now continue to target persistent ships when the player logs off.
- Fixed information-leak about whether a player is currently on or offline.

VO 1.8.467 included:
- Added mission text to speech for Oculus Go.
- Added option to lock HUD/Cockpit to ship instead of head when engaging turbo for Oculus Go for a more immersive experience.

Quite a few bug fixes in tonight's release, building on our improvements from Monday for the Oculus Go. Please let us know via the Bugs forum if you find any additional issues.