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Vendetta Online 1.8.500

VO 1.8.500 includes:

- Escort mission NPCs now jump properly from non-running sectors (server-side, fixed last week).
- Android version should properly support camera cutouts on the non-HD version.
- Certain economic trade routes have been tweaked.
- Fixed upside-down Trident material on iOS.
- More developer analytics added for monitoring of game economy, other aspects of gameplay.
- Fixed a bug, on first runtime, where the Character Selection menu occasionally appeared, instead of the Character Creation menu.
- Enhanced the first-runtime startup experience on Android for new users.
- APK and library updates for all Android versions.
- Further improvements to server-side CPU utilization, management.

A whole lot of small changes this week, of which this list is only about half of what we actually accomplished. Most of the iOS updates had to be pushed out to a future release.

Most of this maintenance is a stepping-stone to accomplishing specific gameplay and game expansion related goals. Stuff like "We need better economic analytics before we start actively improving the game economy". Or "We need to update our iOS engine to more efficiently render large numbers of objects, like we do on Android".

Please report any issues on the Bugs forum, have a great weekend everyone!