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Vendetta Test 3.4.1 / 3.4.2

Lots of bugfixes and minor gameplay changes. Number of missions now displayed in /charinfo. New /updatestation command forces a station menu-system update in case one is needed (related to license mission problem). Fixed many player-stuck bugs, station update bugs, and a station crash. Kills/deaths now displayed correctly in Charact Select Panel (immediately after login).

Gameplay changes: There is now a significant faction hit for killing other players, and very large hit if you kill them in the territory of a faction where they are held in high esteem (like their home sectors). This has little impact on Serco vs Itani combat, as those factions already hate one another. Very low faction standing results in reduced item availability, worse prices, and eventually a Kill On Sight status with defense bots (and inability to dock at related stations).

Beginner Combat missions no longer give ever-increasing bonuses, and don't let you train above level 4.

Advanced Combat training missions should now work.

"Money Bug" temporarily worked around. You no longer get a discount based on faction / Commerce, instead you get better prices when selling items.

Mission messages are now actually /msg'd from the mission bot, so "tab" can be used to auto-reply.

Ion Blaster available at level 0.

Various bugfixes and the like.